Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just Stop

As a person in direct sales, I get a lot of friend requests on Facebook from other direct sellers/network marketers from various groups I am in. This is fine by me but there is a list of things that a lot of DS reps do on Facebook that they really need to stop....
FYI this list is assuming you have not actually had a real conversation, ever. Even if you have had a conversation, or two, I still advise heeding the following advice....

  1. If your first action after friending someone is to invite them to like your business page. Please stop.
  2. If your first action after friending someone is to private message them all about joining your opportunity... Please Stop
  3. If your first action after friending someone is to ask them right away to host a party... Please stop. 
  4. Please stop inviting your entire friends list to a Facebook "event/party". 
  5. Please stop setting those Facebook events as public. There are 500000 articles online about why this is ineffective (and outright annoying)
  6. Please stop changing the name of your fan page 15 times a day, folks do get notified and it gets annoying. 
This list is just a smattering of what I see every single day. If we have never spoken what makes you think I'm just going to jump ship and join your company? People buy off people they like and trust. If I don't know you I have not yet formed an opinion on you but I can tell you if the first message I get from you is trying to sell me something our friendship won't even get a chance to develop. 

For more on why you need to stop with the mass invites to Facebook events, Vivid & Brave sums it up nicely. 

Build relationships first, wait for a person to ask about your business or bring it up naturally. Stop the spam! :)