Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I double dog dare you.....

... to make these recipes..

While perusing Pinterest today, I came across some of the nastiest food ideas ever... Inspired to find more (glutton for punishment I am) I came across an old timey cookbook released by Gold Medal Flour, circa 1910. PDF link is here should you care to peruse it too.

I'm highlighting the worst recipes I can find in this book....

Calf Brain Recipe

Calf Head

Cow Tongue

I'm not even 1/2 way through, I'll likely need to do a part two for this... 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Meal Plan!

Cook Once, Eat Twice Do You Bake? Meal Plan a simple meal plan featuring our YUMMY, healthy, real food Do You Bake? Products!
I am picking some of our family faves to share with you this week.
Monday – Tipsy Chicken Skewers with your favorite side dish

Tuesday – leftover Tipsy Chicken on tossed Salad with TOP IT! Salad Topper and your choice of dressing
Wednesday – Better than Mama’s Pot Roast, served up with your fave veggies & salad
Thursday – use that leftover Pot Roast to make Beef Dip Sandwiches! Make a little Aus Jus or gravy and dip away! Serve with your fave green salad made with TOP IT!
Friday – Burger Night featuring our South of the Border Burger. Serve with some Splendid Spud Salad
Saturday - Slice of Heaven ‘Za night with Dunk the Chunk cookies for dessert (optional!)
Sunday – Thai Lemongrass Coconut Soup

Do You Bake? Products needed for weekly meal plan:
Tipsy Chicken - $5.50
TOP It! - $8.85 (includes 4 packages of four (4-serving) salads! You will have 2 packages leftover for next week or extra salads!
Better than Mama’s Pot Roast - $6.95
Splendid Spud Salad - $5.25
South of the Border Burger Mix $8.95
Slice of Heaven ‘Za Kit - $7.95
Dunk the Chunk Cookies - $7.95 (optional for a fun dessert!)
Thai Lemongrass Coconut Soup $10.25
Total Cost: $61.65 +shipping purchased individually
YOUR COST: $60. With FREE SHIPPING (locally), $70. Shipped DIRECTLY TO YOU!
Order this package and receive FREE SHIPPING on your products (locally delivered!) I will also throw in a FREE GIFT just for trying out my meal plan!
You will need to purchase from the grocery store (or use from your freezer/pantry/garden):
Chicken Breasts (8-10), Beef Roast, ground beef (1.5-2lbs), pizza toppings, Salad Greens (enough for the week), potatoes, buns for beef dip & burgers, assorted veggies

Offer valid through Do you bake? With Jeannie Stewart please PM me or email jean@doyoubake.com to order

One Week Meal Plan - doyoubake.com/canada

One Week Meal Plan - doyoubake.com/canada