Monday, February 16, 2015

Donairs DYB style!

There is a really popular donair recipe floating around on Facebook right now. I decided to rework it DYB style :) Below is the photo floating around. 

Facebook donair recipe

For the most part I only switched out some of the seasonings. I used our Mediterranean Seasoning Blend, For The Love Of Garlic, Chive n Onion, and the Smoked Paprika from Velata (so I used 1/2 of what the recipe called for). I also added a bit of olive oil to help my stand mixer along with beating the crap out of the meat. I will likely cut down the cayenne a bit as it was pretty spicy (cool for me, not as fun for the kids)

Love my stand mixer, not sure I would want to do this by hand haha. Medium speed, broken up into 2 parts about 5 min each with the paddle. 

I have a stand alone roaster oven and I went with a temp of 300 instead of 325 as I've seen that tip going around too.

For the sweet sauce I used For The Love Of Garlic again. I made sure to prep right after getting the meat in the oven so the sauce had time to sit with the seasoning. 

For veggies we used tomatoes, cucumber, and lettuce. Kept it fairly simple.