Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lia Sophia...

Yesterday afternoon Lia Sophia (a direct sales jewelry company) closed it's "doors" after 28 years. Apparently without warning to the company reps with the exception of some top few. As the news broke on Facebook I was horrified to see so many DS reps from every other company out there offering to "help" displaced Lia reps by "sharing" their opportunity. Coat it in sugar all you want, you were not helping, you were being opportunistic vultures. Within 5 minutes of the announcement sharks were swimming in the blood pool. Offended by what I just said? Reflect on why. These women just lost businesses right before Christmas, sure some might be ready to hop on another train right away but I'll bet most need some time to process first.

There are things that reps do in DS that smacks of desperation, this is one of them. It happens all the time. Your friend just lost a 9-5, they are upset, and your offer to help is to ask them to buy a starter kit.... Their beloved DS business tanks, you ask them to buy a starter kit. My issue with scenario one, is that it takes $$ to start a DS business. Stop feeding the lie that the products sell themselves. When someone has nothing, asking them to cough up dough for something that might work out for them is uncool at best. Yes, I am well aware that there are women who started a DS biz with their last 200.00 and with some tenacity and a bit of luck they soared. We all know the real stats though, and that is the extremely high failure rate. That is a multifaceted problem though with lots of variables so we won't discuss it now. Scenario two is just as terrible. They just lost the company they put their passion, tears, and work into for sometimes years. Let them breathe! Others, just signed up and now likely have a really bad taste in their mouth since the company was allowing new rep signups the day before they shut down! Would you really want to invest in another starter kit for another company when you don't even know if you can get a refund on your now useless LS kit?

I was called angry for saying that a lot of reps look like vultures. Yes I am angry. I'm angry that I work twice as hard to overcome the bad name that shitty reps have given DS/MLM as a whole.  Everyday I hear "oh I have heard of that company this woman I met hounded me for weeks" "I signed up under someone I met and then they basically didn't talk to me" "I got scammed" "I won't support my friends who have a home party business, thy are ripoffs and I hate them"

All of those quotes can be attributed to the vulture mentality that is seemingly inevitable in DS/MLM. These are people, not numbers. They have feelings, respect them dammit.

Would you ask someone on a date when they just buried their spouse? Would you tell a friend who miscarried to just get pregnant again? No? Then please stop hounding LS (or any other reps from a defunct biz) to join your opportunity. They will seek you out when they are ready.

Worse yet, was a competing jewelry company posting an event for a recruiting drive within an hour of the LS news breaking.  I hear that it is a regular event and that is fine, however if you realize your timing sucks and you keep it going it reflects very poorly on the company.

Today is my one year with DYB and it has been incredible, I have built a large team and not once did I have to ask someone to join me. They came to me. I share the opportunity on my Facebook page, or in groups etc but I have never messaged, emailed, phoned etc someone and said "Join me". You don't have to be obnoxious to build a team. 

If my post offends you please take a deep look inside and ask yourself why. I have not been known to sugar coat anything and I'm not going to excuse your poor behavior as you helping a displaced rep. You can coat a poop in chocolate but it's still poop. 

Run your business ethically and you will be rewarded, it might take longer but is your integrity not worth that to you?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just Stop

As a person in direct sales, I get a lot of friend requests on Facebook from other direct sellers/network marketers from various groups I am in. This is fine by me but there is a list of things that a lot of DS reps do on Facebook that they really need to stop....
FYI this list is assuming you have not actually had a real conversation, ever. Even if you have had a conversation, or two, I still advise heeding the following advice....

  1. If your first action after friending someone is to invite them to like your business page. Please stop.
  2. If your first action after friending someone is to private message them all about joining your opportunity... Please Stop
  3. If your first action after friending someone is to ask them right away to host a party... Please stop. 
  4. Please stop inviting your entire friends list to a Facebook "event/party". 
  5. Please stop setting those Facebook events as public. There are 500000 articles online about why this is ineffective (and outright annoying)
  6. Please stop changing the name of your fan page 15 times a day, folks do get notified and it gets annoying. 
This list is just a smattering of what I see every single day. If we have never spoken what makes you think I'm just going to jump ship and join your company? People buy off people they like and trust. If I don't know you I have not yet formed an opinion on you but I can tell you if the first message I get from you is trying to sell me something our friendship won't even get a chance to develop. 

For more on why you need to stop with the mass invites to Facebook events, Vivid & Brave sums it up nicely. 

Build relationships first, wait for a person to ask about your business or bring it up naturally. Stop the spam! :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I double dog dare you.....

... to make these recipes..

While perusing Pinterest today, I came across some of the nastiest food ideas ever... Inspired to find more (glutton for punishment I am) I came across an old timey cookbook released by Gold Medal Flour, circa 1910. PDF link is here should you care to peruse it too.

I'm highlighting the worst recipes I can find in this book....

Calf Brain Recipe

Calf Head

Cow Tongue

I'm not even 1/2 way through, I'll likely need to do a part two for this... 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Meal Plan!

Cook Once, Eat Twice Do You Bake? Meal Plan a simple meal plan featuring our YUMMY, healthy, real food Do You Bake? Products!
I am picking some of our family faves to share with you this week.
Monday – Tipsy Chicken Skewers with your favorite side dish

Tuesday – leftover Tipsy Chicken on tossed Salad with TOP IT! Salad Topper and your choice of dressing
Wednesday – Better than Mama’s Pot Roast, served up with your fave veggies & salad
Thursday – use that leftover Pot Roast to make Beef Dip Sandwiches! Make a little Aus Jus or gravy and dip away! Serve with your fave green salad made with TOP IT!
Friday – Burger Night featuring our South of the Border Burger. Serve with some Splendid Spud Salad
Saturday - Slice of Heaven ‘Za night with Dunk the Chunk cookies for dessert (optional!)
Sunday – Thai Lemongrass Coconut Soup

Do You Bake? Products needed for weekly meal plan:
Tipsy Chicken - $5.50
TOP It! - $8.85 (includes 4 packages of four (4-serving) salads! You will have 2 packages leftover for next week or extra salads!
Better than Mama’s Pot Roast - $6.95
Splendid Spud Salad - $5.25
South of the Border Burger Mix $8.95
Slice of Heaven ‘Za Kit - $7.95
Dunk the Chunk Cookies - $7.95 (optional for a fun dessert!)
Thai Lemongrass Coconut Soup $10.25
Total Cost: $61.65 +shipping purchased individually
YOUR COST: $60. With FREE SHIPPING (locally), $70. Shipped DIRECTLY TO YOU!
Order this package and receive FREE SHIPPING on your products (locally delivered!) I will also throw in a FREE GIFT just for trying out my meal plan!
You will need to purchase from the grocery store (or use from your freezer/pantry/garden):
Chicken Breasts (8-10), Beef Roast, ground beef (1.5-2lbs), pizza toppings, Salad Greens (enough for the week), potatoes, buns for beef dip & burgers, assorted veggies

Offer valid through Do you bake? With Jeannie Stewart please PM me or email jean@doyoubake.com to order

One Week Meal Plan - doyoubake.com/canada

One Week Meal Plan - doyoubake.com/canada

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Become A Consultant

Do You Bake Canada

Would you like to join my team? 

I'm not going to promise you zillion dollar bonuses within 2 months. I'm also not going to promise you sign up today, get rich tomorrow. Because it totally does not work that way. Any DS business requires some effort. I will promise you help and support and hilarious conversations with yours truly.

The dirty: Quota is 15.00/month going up to 25.00/month by the end of the year. Still less than the "no monthly quota but must sell 450 in a quarter to stay active" quotas out there.
Website fee: 30.00/year charged as 10.00 3 times a year (first 90 days free)
Multiple starter options including a "free" option that I don't actually advise because you cannot get catalogs/samples with it.

Now that we got all that out of the way, if you're still reading I want to say thanks! I can be a touch long winded.

What we do have is food, everyone eats. Everyone is busy which is why pre-packaged foods are so popular. Do you know what is in 1/2 that stuff though? Chemicals and other crap. Not so with DYB, we bring the ease of pre-packaged with the goodness of scratch. No additives, preservatives etc. Don't be fooled by the word "bake" as DYB is sooooo much more. Crockpot meals, soups, seasonings, etc.

Don't want to join my team but still interested in the product? That's ok too, the following is for you....
How much of your grocery budget goes towards your kid's lunch snacks? recess snacks? How much towards dog treats? Did you know we have YUMM clubs where you can mix & match items you like and have them shipped monthly or bi-monthly? We even have a YUMM club for dogs. Cancel anytime, switch it up anytime. We have the Just A Taste club which is primarily items that you cannot buy from the website/catalog (although there will be an exclusive YUMM Shoppe coming for JAT customers soon where you can buy items you fell in love with).

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Veggie Pasta Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette

Every month I make lunch for the vendors and shoppers at the Calgary New Age Market, and the Home Business Market. Every lunch of course includes something from DYB. Today was a nice, summery, veggie loaded pasta salad.


8 OZ uncooked rotini or pasta of choice
1 Package grape tomatoes quartered
1 cup green pepper chopped
1 cup red pepper chopped
1/2 cup orange pepper chopped
1/2 cup yellow pepper chopped
2-3 carrots shredded or chopped
1/4 cup celery chopped
1/4 red onion chopped (finely)
1/2 zucchini chopped
1/2 cucumber chopped
1/2 can black olives
Parmesan to taste (optional)

Honestly I'm guesstimating on the amounts for the veggies, since I made enough to serve 30.... All the veggies of course are optional and personal preference :)

6 tbls olive oil
2 tbls red wine vinegar
2 tbls balsamic vinegar
2 tbls sugar
1 tsp DYB For The Love Of Garlic Seasoning
1 tsp DYB Chive n Onion Seasoning


Cook pasta el dente (I usually cook it just under this point as nothing is worse than a mushy pasta salad)

In a large bowl mix your veggies and pasta. In a smaller bowl mix the vinaigrette ingredients and stir well. Pour vinaigrette over pasta and veggies, mix well and refrigerate for an hour at least to let flavours blend. (Alternately, allow your veggies to marinate in the dressing and add the pasta just before serving)

Of course feel free to add grilled chicken, or leftover thinly sliced steak.


Pasta Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Do You Bake Canada

Buster is quite happy to be coming home. Surgery went very well with no complications. He has a lot to relearn but I think he's up for it! Thank you to everyone who has kept him in your thoughts.  It means a lot to us. 

do you bake canada

Buster absolutely loves the treats from DYB  and he highly recommends them :) Show your pup some love!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Fragile X

I was supposed to post this earlier but of course other stuff came up.... I myself have just started my journey into the world of Fragile X. We are waiting for the blood work to confirm (FYI in AB that blood work will take 3 months or so to come back). My 8 year old son most likely has FXS and as it sits we have no idea what that means for his future. FXS is the biggest cause of cognitive delays and it primarily affects boys (since they only have one X gene from mom). The following is a guest post....

We are so excited to announce that Cindi Rogers first book, Becoming Mrs. Rogers is now available on Amazon.com at the link below.  This book was a labor of love
for Cindi, as well as her husband, Chris.  The process has been a wonderful learning experience and going forward will continue to require more learning.

This book is a memoir of sorts about her life (and Chris') in dealing with
the birth and subsequent diagnosis of fragile X syndrome for their two boys. The timeline travels from birth to present day and covers lots of different issues like school, behavior, therapies and day-to-day life.  It will take you through some downs and eventually some ups, only to come out with moments of joy and hope.  It was an emotional journey for me while writing it, for Chris while reading it, and we hope for you, too. 

We also hope that you might consider reading it, and/or sharing it (forward this e-mail if you like) with others in your life that might benefit from such a story.

Buy here:


Becoming Mrs. Rogers is the true and heart-felt story of one couple’s journey into acceptance following a devastating genetic diagnosis for both of their sons. Their story, its highs and lows entwined with its wisdom and compassion, has been a beacon of hope for thousands of families struggling with fragile X and other autism spectrum disorders.

Fragile X is a common and inherited cause of learning difficulties, affecting a child's entire world, including social and behavioral problems as well as cognition and speech. Rogers not only tells her story, but also gives advice for new parents, sharing facts about…

* the physical and behavioral characteristics of Fragile X

* the effects of Fragile X on learning, functioning and daily activities

* medication and therapy

* how fragile X affects the family.

Cindi Rogers and her husband, Chris, share the perspectives and tools they embraced in order to help their boys be as happy and independent as they can possibly be. It is a story of challenges, tears, joy and hope.

**A portion of the proceeds of this book are donated to the Rogers Neighborhood FX Family Fund which in turn offers scholarships to the NFXF International bi-yearly FX Conferences.** 


Cindi Rogers
Cindi is the mother of two sons, ages 23 and 25, who are affected with fragile X syndrome and autism. Since receiving this diagnosis, Cindi has become a leader and symbol of hope within the fragile X community.  Her positive attitude, creativity and defining can-do attitude has inspired families and professionals worldwide. Cindi and her family have travelled to conferences around the world to present her innovative strategies, helping families not only to live with fragile X, but to also thrive. It has become her personal mission to share techniques to help families generate ideas that they can implement in their own world, while helping their children with fragile X syndrome to live happier, more independent lives. Today, Cindi serves on the board of directors for Developmental FX in Denver, a non-profit that helps families just like hers learn to thrive in the face of fragile X syndrome. She lives and works with her husband and two sons in Littleton, Colorado, and together they love travelling the U.S. in their RV named Rocket.

Connect with Cindi:


Twitter-  @MrsRogers2014

 Rogers Neighborhood FX Family Fund--http://www.rogersneighborhoodfxfamilyfund.com

---On the blog find great website resources as well as bloggers to follow and enjoy! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Reasons To Sign Up With Do You Bake?

Here are the top reasons to become a Do You Bake? Consultant (especially in Canada)

Free Signup With DYB

  • We have a free signup option, you can start right now!
  • Do You Bake fits into your grocery budget
  • Don't want to sell at parties? Don't have to!
  • Do want to sell at parties? Go for it!
  • Do You Bake is easy to be passionate about. Time saving baking mixes, dinner solutions etc that contain no additives or preservatives.
  • 20-35% commission
  • Low quotas, personal use easily covers the max quota (25.00/month near the end of the year)
  • Low website fee (free for first 3 months, 10.00 three times a year following)
  • Want to promote via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc? Go for it! Use the company photos too!
  • Want to have the choice to create your own business supplies? Allowed. 
  • Want to purchase company designed supplies? Allowed
  • Want to find a direct sales company that has passed the critical 3 year mark but has not yet hit critical mass? Do You Bake? is there, especially in Canada. 
We currently have less than 600 active Canadian consultants, and under 6000 Active American consultants. Ground floor is exactly what Do You Bake? offers. 

Email me for more info 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

May and June JAT Menus

May Menu

YUMMY! Time to get out the Grill! May features awesome Grill Inspired YUMMY Treats
Onion Soup Grillin' Burger Mix *A JAT Exclusive*
Very Veggie Seasonings for the Grill *A JAT Exclusive*
Nacho Cheese Dip *A JAT Exclusive*
Triple Smoked 'n' Seasoned Burger Grillin' Mix *A NEW Summer Release*
Very Onion Dip Mix
Blonde Bombshell Brownies Mix
Splendid Spud Salad Mix *A NEW Summer Release*
Fired Flatbread Mix *A NEW Summer Release*
AND an extra special surprise!

June Menu

June has inspired us to bring YUMMY cooling treats! No Ovens required for our Summer Menu
2 Step Pasta Salad Italiano *A JAT Exclusive*
JAT No Bakes *A JAT Exclusive*
Blue 'n' Razzy Dazzy Freeze Mix *A JAT Exclusive*
Mocha Café Slusher *A summer Release*
Tipsy Chicken
Top It!
Totally Tropical Cheese Ball Mix *A JAT Exclusive*
Tuscan White Bean Dip Mix *A JAT Exclusive*

Sign Up Here 

You’ll receive a delicious 8 piece Just a Taste sized product selection each and every month. Your monthly JAT sampler box is perfect for anyone who loves to receive a variety of products each and every month! Each box includes 8 products (a variety of baking mixes, dips, seasonings, ready to eat snacks and more!)

Each JAT product is enough for 2 people to enjoy a tasting! Enjoy JAT exclusive mixes, exclusive products and MORE! YUMMs UP!

Exclusive benefits include:
* Advance Sneak Peeks of our NEW Do You Bake? Products
* Advance Sneak Peeks of all our monthly specials!
* Get MYSTERY SAMPLERS several times per year!
* Special Hostess rewards and incentives every time you host a DYB Online party or Home Show with your DYB Consultant
* Special Contests and Promotions just for our YUMM Club Members
* Super Shipper Savings Pass saves you shipping on all other online orders! Emailed to you 4X per year!
... and so so much MORE!

Mocha Cafe Slusher

7 Reasons To Sign Up For The Happy Paws Mystery Treat Box

7) The average pet owner spends 20.00/month on dog treats anyways

6) With DYB you know what is in those treats 

5) Signing up via Jeannie means a donation to a local animal rescue (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society gets 1.50 from each club signup)

4) You don't need to leave the house to buy your pup treats

3) If your child steals one it won't hurt them, just be like a sugarless cookie

2) As a YUMM Club Member you will enjoy delicious rewards all year long! We have contests, promotions, extra savings and so many more club benefits! Join one of our clubs today and get YUMM!

1) Free shipping!


7 Reasons To Sign Up For The Happy Paws Mystery Treat Box

7 Reasons To Sign Up For The Happy Paws Mystery Treat Box

7 Reasons To Sign Up For The Happy Paws Mystery Treat Box

Monday, May 12, 2014

Discount Divas Wanted!!!

Do You Bake features the ease of Betty Crocker with the quality of scratch baking/cooking. No additives, preservatives, artificial colours or flavors. Our YUMM clubs are customizable and delivered directly to you. We even have a club for your pup! 

Join the fastest growing Foodie Club today! Many club options to choose from! From Mix/Match, Just a Taste, Gluten Free Mystery and our Happy Paws Mystery Box there are many awesome ways to become a member!

Exclusive benefits include:
* Advance Sneak Peeks of our NEW Do You Bake? Products
* Advance Sneak Peeks of all our monthly specials!
* Get MYSTERY SAMPLERS several times per year!
* Special Hostess rewards and incentives every time you host a DYB Online party or Home Show with your DYB Consultant
* Special Contests and Promotions just for our YUMM Club Members
* Super Shipper Savings Pass saves you shipping on all other online orders! Emailed to you 4X per year!
... and so so much MORE!

Sign up here!

Thrilla Vanilla Eat'em Upcakes

Friday, May 2, 2014

Best Ever Chicken Wraps!

The greatest chicken wraps ever.... 
1 package Baked Enchilada Dip mix
1 cup cream cheese
1 cup sour cream
12 of your fave wraps/flour tortillas
1 green pepper diced
1 red pepper diced
1-2 med tomatoes diced
2 tsp Chive n Onion Seasoning
1 tbs Fiesta Seasoning (optional)
2-3 chicken breasts cooked and shredded (I usually just boil in chicken stock to cook, no need really to season for the wraps)
Shredded cheddar (as little or as much as you like)
In one bowl prepare the enchilada dip by mixing the dip mix with the sour cream and cream cheese. Set aside
Chop veggies and combine in another bowl with the Chive n Onion and Fiesta Seasonings. Set aside
Lay a wrap out and spread a tablespoons worth of dip (more or less to your taste) on the wrap. Sprinkle cheddar cheese and add your shredded chicken. Add 2 tablespoons of your veggie mix. Roll up your wrap and fold over at least one end.
Grill on a George Foreman or similar grill for 4 minutes or until cheese is melted and everything is heated up. Can also toss in a frying pan on med high heat and cook on each side for a couple minutes.
Recipe easily makes 12 wraps (2 per person so serves 6). You will have dip left over, I have frozen it and although it's consistency is not as great it still tastes great in the wraps.. Or bake what is left for dip.

Best Ever Chicken Wraps, DYB Style!
Baked Enchilada Dip

Best Ever Chicken Wraps, DYB Style!
Dollop of dip on the wrap :)

Best Ever Chicken Wraps, DYB Style!

Best Ever Chicken Wraps, DYB Style!

Best Ever Chicken Wraps, DYB Style!
Seasoned Veggie Mix (Skip the Fiesta if you don't want it too spicy)

Best Ever Chicken Wraps, DYB Style!
Roll and toss on your grill :)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New ways to start with DYB!

#1. Just a Taste Quick Start Kit 

Newbies can join with our Just a Taste Quick Start Kit. This kit is designed to give any newbie variety while staying and managing a budget!

Here's what's included

* 5 savory dip/cheese ball/seasoning samplers
* 2 sweet dip/cheese ball / seasoning samplers
* 1 Classic Beer Bread Mini
* 1 Classic Beer Bread Mini with Italiano Flav-Ah
* 1 Rib EZ Mini
* 1 Slice of Heaven 'Za Mini Mix
* 1 Blonde Bombshell Brownie Mini Mix
* 3 assorted full size mixes
* 5 catalogs

Includes website free for first 3 months.
(plus applicable tax/shipping) 

#2. Extreme Baker Start Up Kit

This is the ULTIMATE of kits. For those that like variety, like options and want to start their business off with a BANG!

Here's what's included

* 10 savory dip/cheese ball/seasoning samplers
* 10 sweet dip/cheese ball / seasoning samplers
* 6 Classic Beer Bread Mini
* 4 assorted Classic Beer Bread Flav-Ahs
* 2 Rib EZ Mini
* 2 Slice of Heaven 'Za Mini Mixes
* 2 Blonde Bombshell Brownie Mini Mixes
* 2 Ooey Gooey Chocolate Goodness Mixes
* 1 Cinnamon MIYM Donut Muffin Mix
* 2 Mini Fireside Tortilla Soup Mixes
* 4 Assorted Brie Topper Mixes
* 1 Caramel Apple Creation
* 2 Mini VIVE! Granola Mixes
* 2 Assorted mini mixes from our Snackin Nuts Line
* 3 Assorted Full Size Gluten Free Mixes
* 5 Assorted Full size mixes from the non gluten free line
* 3 Assorted Full Size seasonings
* 25 catalogs
* 50 forms

Includes website free for first 3 months.

(plus applicable tax/shipping) 

#3. Start it My Way!

We will continue to offer a FREEMIUM Sign up Option along with our NEW two standard kits. This freemium start it my way option will come with a coupon code (emailed to the newbie within 24 hours of joining) for 50% off retail products up to $400 in retail. It must be used on the newbie's website.

Newbies who start it my way will be able to order minis, catalogs and forms from their back office in a separate order (optional). 

This sign up option will also come with 3 months free website access.

Cost: FREE with coupon 

More About Kits ... 

Our new consultant Kits are available to new consultants only, or those consultants joining after 6 months or more of full inactivity. 

If a new consultant chooses the "Start it My Way" kit, they are not able to purchase any of our other kits offered. 

One kit per new consultant only

add the free registration to your cart and checkout, it's that easy! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Canadian Shipping Rates Effective March 1/2014

For Canadian Orders (Canadian orders will also be charged in Canadian funds)

Basket / Order Sub-Total Amount
Shipping Rate
$0 - $40.99$12
$41 - $75.99$14.95
$76 - $100.99$19.95
$101 - $149.99$24.95
$150 + Flat 13% of product sub-total

Our current rates go by # of items and not subtotal so this actually works out cheaper than current rates. 

For USA Orders (excluding Hawaii and Alaska)

Basket / Order Sub-Total Amount
Shipping Rate
 $0 - $40.99$6.95
$41 - $75.99$8.95
$76 - $100.99$11.95
$101 - $149.99$15.95
$150 + Flat 10% of product sub-total

Alaska / Hawaii as follows : 

Basket / Order Sub-Total Amount
Shipping Rate
$0 - $40.99$15
$41 - $75.99$18
$76 - $100.99$23.95
$101 - $149.99$27.95
$150+18% of product sub-total