Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New ways to start with DYB!

#1. Just a Taste Quick Start Kit 

Newbies can join with our Just a Taste Quick Start Kit. This kit is designed to give any newbie variety while staying and managing a budget!

Here's what's included

* 5 savory dip/cheese ball/seasoning samplers
* 2 sweet dip/cheese ball / seasoning samplers
* 1 Classic Beer Bread Mini
* 1 Classic Beer Bread Mini with Italiano Flav-Ah
* 1 Rib EZ Mini
* 1 Slice of Heaven 'Za Mini Mix
* 1 Blonde Bombshell Brownie Mini Mix
* 3 assorted full size mixes
* 5 catalogs

Includes website free for first 3 months.
(plus applicable tax/shipping) 

#2. Extreme Baker Start Up Kit

This is the ULTIMATE of kits. For those that like variety, like options and want to start their business off with a BANG!

Here's what's included

* 10 savory dip/cheese ball/seasoning samplers
* 10 sweet dip/cheese ball / seasoning samplers
* 6 Classic Beer Bread Mini
* 4 assorted Classic Beer Bread Flav-Ahs
* 2 Rib EZ Mini
* 2 Slice of Heaven 'Za Mini Mixes
* 2 Blonde Bombshell Brownie Mini Mixes
* 2 Ooey Gooey Chocolate Goodness Mixes
* 1 Cinnamon MIYM Donut Muffin Mix
* 2 Mini Fireside Tortilla Soup Mixes
* 4 Assorted Brie Topper Mixes
* 1 Caramel Apple Creation
* 2 Mini VIVE! Granola Mixes
* 2 Assorted mini mixes from our Snackin Nuts Line
* 3 Assorted Full Size Gluten Free Mixes
* 5 Assorted Full size mixes from the non gluten free line
* 3 Assorted Full Size seasonings
* 25 catalogs
* 50 forms

Includes website free for first 3 months.

(plus applicable tax/shipping) 

#3. Start it My Way!

We will continue to offer a FREEMIUM Sign up Option along with our NEW two standard kits. This freemium start it my way option will come with a coupon code (emailed to the newbie within 24 hours of joining) for 50% off retail products up to $400 in retail. It must be used on the newbie's website.

Newbies who start it my way will be able to order minis, catalogs and forms from their back office in a separate order (optional). 

This sign up option will also come with 3 months free website access.

Cost: FREE with coupon 

More About Kits ... 

Our new consultant Kits are available to new consultants only, or those consultants joining after 6 months or more of full inactivity. 

If a new consultant chooses the "Start it My Way" kit, they are not able to purchase any of our other kits offered. 

One kit per new consultant only

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