Monday, May 19, 2014

Reasons To Sign Up With Do You Bake?

Here are the top reasons to become a Do You Bake? Consultant (especially in Canada)

Free Signup With DYB

  • We have a free signup option, you can start right now!
  • Do You Bake fits into your grocery budget
  • Don't want to sell at parties? Don't have to!
  • Do want to sell at parties? Go for it!
  • Do You Bake is easy to be passionate about. Time saving baking mixes, dinner solutions etc that contain no additives or preservatives.
  • 20-35% commission
  • Low quotas, personal use easily covers the max quota (25.00/month near the end of the year)
  • Low website fee (free for first 3 months, 10.00 three times a year following)
  • Want to promote via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc? Go for it! Use the company photos too!
  • Want to have the choice to create your own business supplies? Allowed. 
  • Want to purchase company designed supplies? Allowed
  • Want to find a direct sales company that has passed the critical 3 year mark but has not yet hit critical mass? Do You Bake? is there, especially in Canada. 
We currently have less than 600 active Canadian consultants, and under 6000 Active American consultants. Ground floor is exactly what Do You Bake? offers. 

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